If your taxes were filed improperly and you are now faced with a large tax bill, you may be seeking some clarification on the matter. A certified public accountant can advise you on your tax issue, plus can make amendments, file extensions, and speak to an IRS agent on your behalf. 

A Certified Public Accountant's Role

A certified public accountant must earn a degree and undergo training. They may work independently or for a large accounting firm. An accountant is a professional who may prepare an individual's taxes or a business owner's taxes. Accountants also have the training to fix tax returns and refile them. They keep careful records of a client's earnings and can review old tax returns in the future if a problem ever becomes evident.

When a mistake is found on a tax return, an IRS representative will contact the person who filed the return. It can be shocking and upsetting to realize that more money is owed than what someone originally anticipated. The IRS will allow someone to make payments on a bill. Before an individual begins to make payments, they may want to consult with a CPA. This person will look over the paperwork and will provide clarification.

How A CPA Can Provide Relief

When hiring a CPA, an individual should ask the CPA questions about their areas of expertise. Just because a CPA is qualified to handle errors and consult with the IRS does not mean that they have actually done these things before. A new CPA may not have endured any issues that required them to remedy a past tax issue. If a CPA has a lot of experience, they may be the right person to handle the tax issue that someone is facing.

First, a CPA will look over the paperwork. If a client wishes to appeal the decision that the IRS has made and has solid proof that will demonstrate that they do not owe any more money, the CPA can file an appeal. If an individual is going to be audited, a CPA can attend the audit and speak on their client's behalf.

If an individual is receptive to the fact that they owe the IRS money but is having difficulty making a monthly payment, a CPA can advise them on ways to receive an extension or receive reduced payments. A CPA can also aid the individual with filing all of their future tax returns.

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