Some people just do not have a head for the business end of a business. You can promote, create, sell and advertise, but bookkeeping and accounting are just not your forte. That is okay. It is the biggest reason why people partner up to open a business venture. One is always the ideas and make-it-happen person, while the other is all business. If you are starting a new business, but you simply do not want to involve a partner, there are bookkeeping services that can help.

Part-time Accountants

Part-time accountants work on an as-needed basis. They only charge you for services on the day of service, and not all year long. They can help you keep track of your books on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly system. This gives you more freedom to be the idea entrepreneur and marketer you are. Usually, part-time accountants charge by the hour, so plan ahead and budget for at least three hours at a time.

Full-Time Accountants

Full-time accountants work with you everyday, all day. From the moment you open your doors in the morning until you close at night, your hired accountant is there making sure your accounts are all in order, including your registers' amounts (if applicable), your accounts receivable, and your accounts payable. You know from day to day operations exactly what your business is making or losing and how to strategize for increased profits.

Tax Consultants

Tax consultants are individuals trained specifically for assisting you with quarterly and/or annual tax payments and tax forms. Usually, if you hire a full-time accountant, you will not need a tax consultant. However, if you only have a part-time consultant for you, you could hire a tax consultant to help keep track of business expenses that would count as credits or deductions on your tax forms. Tax consultants can also work from their own offices or homes and do your taxes via downloaded information or the box of documents you drop off from which they can complete your taxes. 


CPAs are the leading certified public accountants businesses use when they can afford to have a CPA on infinite retainer or when business owners want expert advice on how to manage their business's finances. All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. It is just a matter of a few extra credits and coursework, but for some business owners it is vital to what their companies do.